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ESG strategy

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility (ESG)

SwissKH is firmly committed to a ESG approach focused on sustainability and innovation. Our vision is to promote Swiss know-how, favoring local production and reducing our ecological footprint. We strive to ensure that our brands, such as Tripan, Supercoup, Quattro, and Morphology, reflect this commitment by producing 90% of their components in Switzerland, within a limited perimeter around our production site.

Our ESG principles :

  • Ecological innovation: Our brands are committed to ecological innovation, improving energy efficiency and harnessing solar energy for our installations.
  • Sustainable initiatives: Installing electrical charging stations, encouraging car-sharing and public transport, and reducing the energy consumption of our facilities are at the heart of our approach.
  • Collective commitment: We value everyone’s ideas for reducing our impact on the environment, encouraging active participation in our ESG approach.

Démarche ESG

The team behind our ESG vision:

Members of SwissKH, such as Bryan Gosparini, Marie Frund, and Vladimir Sanchez, are at the forefront of our ESG strategy, from ecological management to innovative brand development.

Be part of our vision:

We are dedicated to sharing our practices and collaborating for a more sustainable future. Contact us to explore together the paths to corporate social responsibility.

For an in-depth understanding of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we invite you to download our full document. Click below to access our detailed ESG approach and discover how SwissKH is actively committed to a sustainable future.