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About Us

History of SwissKH


Creating the active SHOWROOM

Takeover of additional premises at the front of the building to create an area dedicated to customers and machine testing.


Enlarged machining

Major investments to double production and meet customer demand.

QUATTRO® patent and trademark registration


Moving to Vicques

Partial move to Vicques to reach 450m2.


New workshop

Purchase of a manufacturing workshop with CNC and tooling and expansion of premises in Delémont to 300m2.


Moving to Delémont

New 150m2 premises. In Delémont.

Covid year, Design of an artificial respirator with doctors from different countries and made available free of charge.

Free creation of a visor, made available to makers. Up to 700 visors/day were produced by the community, with SwissKH handling the logistics free of charge. Over 5,000 visors were delivered free of charge.

Registration of the Morphology® trademark


Innovation & Excellence Awards

Award for innovation and excellence for a medical process, the creation of a custom orthosis using 3d scanning and registration of the Morphology trademark.


Tripan® & Supercoup®

Tripan® & Supercoup® tooling back in production, and first participation in SIAMS.


Company formation

SwissKH Sàrl founded in 50m2 premises in the family home.

Year of acquisition of the Tripan and Supercoup brands



SwissKH® trademark registration

Registration of the SwissKH® trademark and creation of the first strapping machine in a garage in Tramelan.

A few statistics


Free coffees

Completed projects

Years of cumulative experience